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Radhika Subramanian with Emcien, Kobi Margolin with Clinigence and Jesse Lindsley with Thrust Interactive

Radhika Subramanian/Emcien Corporation

Emcien CEO Radhika Subramanian is a serial entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience helping large, sophisticated organizations achieve competitive advantage through advanced analytics technologies. She co-founded Idmon Corp. in 1998, which was funded by Cordova Ventures and Imlay Investments. As President and CEO, Radhika worked with launch customers such as Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines and South African Airways until the company’s acquisition by Swissair Group in 2001. Numerous associations have recognized Radhika for her achievements working with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies. She is recognized as a Leading Woman in Technology by WIT, was a finalist for the Franz Edelman Prize in Excellence in Management Science, and more. A sought-after presenter and speaker, she is a regular contributor to Forbes.

Kobi Margolin/Clinigence

Kobi Margolin is with Clinigence, an innovative clinical analytics provider. Clinigence is partnering with innovative medical practices to facilitate and accelerate the healing of our broken healthcare system through collaborative innovation.

Jesse Lindsley/Thrust Interactive Inc.

The driving force behind Thrust Interactive, Jesse Lindsley, started his company in 2004 with the vision that games can change the world.

Jesse and his talented team have put Thrust on the map by creating and publishing independent game titles including hits like Button Men and Boomblastica. In addition, Thrust has released 100+ third party games for clients such as the NFL, Cartoon Network, Mercedes, TBS/TNT, American Cancer Society, Autotrader and more.

Jesse has become a leader in the Atlanta Game Development community, where he founded the Unity 3D Atlanta User Group, runs the IGDA–Atlanta chapter and hosts the monthly Atlanta Game Developer Meet-up. He is an active board member of the Indie Developer Guild, APPNATION Atlanta and Digitainment Georgia. His industry experience and expertise have awarded him regular speaking engagements all over the country.

Jesse holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Tennessee Tech and plays and captains a five-time ALTA AA1 City Championship team along with two USTA (5.5 & 5.0) National Championship teams. In his free time, Jesse can be found taking his three dogs and cat (Gooch, Parker, Buckley and Slim), tenants at Thrust’s studio, out for a stroll in the Inman Park neighborhood.



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Don Turner with Veloxiti and Randy Mitchell and Abraham Xiong with Plisten

Don Turner/Veloxiti

With a passion for innovatively growing companies, Don Turner is a nationally recognized technology strategist and serial entrepreneur with experience in both the private and public sectors. His proven track record of successfully leading start-ups and multi-billion-dollar public corporations across a broad range of technology marketplaces spans two decades of turning around challenged companies, revitalizing established companies, and elevating organizations.

Veloxiti creates and delivers solutions that help people make better, faster and more comprehensive decisions. Grounded in two decades of battle-tested development for the military, the company is the first to bring to the commercial market easy and intuitive intelligent solutions. Veloxiti’s development environment allows a broader cross-section of professionals to create and deliver the best data-driven results.

Randy Mitchell and Abraham Xiong/Plisten

Randy J. Mitchell is the Founder and CEO of Plisten, a mobile app that helps consumers communicate with brands in an organized and curated way. He is also an alumnus of NewMe, a Silicon Valley-based Accelerator, sponsored by Google and Andreessen Horowitz. He has been featured on TechCrunch and is a contributing writer for BlackWeb 2.0. Randy currently resides in Atlanta, GA where he is an active member of the Tech Community.




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Joe LeCompte with PMG and Gavin Spencer with Apparity, Inc.

Joe LeCompte/PMG

Joe LeCompte is with PMG and is appearing on today’s show to discuss Enterprise Service Catalogs.  Large Enterprises are constantly looking for ways to drive efficiencies and reduce costs. To do this, departments often deploy software to help manage functions and processes. However, this approach only works when the request or task can be completed within that department.

The reality is that many business processes expand across multiple departments. Simple examples include onboarding a new employee or requesting an office move. These requests can involve IT, HR, Finance, Facilities, Security, etc. Challenges arise as different departments utilize different tools that are not integrated. As a result the requestor is often left wondering which departments to coordinate with and which software tools to use to complete the task at hand.

PMG’s Service Catalog solves this problem by providing a single interface for any type of request from any department. The end user always knows where to go to make an interdepartmental request and the process is automatically and seamlessly fulfilled. Because PMG integrates into existing tools at the individual department level, all departments continue to leverage existing investments WITHOUT disruption. Working smarter.

Gavin Spencer/Apparity, Inc.

Gavin Spencer is the CEO and a founder of Apparity, Inc. where he sets corporate strategy; manages marketing and sales; and guides product strategy of Apparity360, an innovative solution which provides industry organizations with the ability to manage and control spreadsheet processes at the enterprise level.

Gavin brings more than 25 years of senior leadership and technology development to his role at Apparity. During his career, Gavin has served in senior sales and business development roles at global technology companies such as Jacada, Global Software, Optio Software, FormScape, and Quality Software Products. He has created transformative consulting methodologies and built global enterprise solutions that streamlined corporate reporting across geographies and currencies. Gavin’s passion is for creating sophisticated technology solutions that deliver complex functionality and significant corporate value, but are simple and easy for end users to operate.

Gavin holds a B.A. in Social Sciences with Honors from Sunderland University in England.




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Dr. Susan Nicholas with Qnova Health, Inc.

Susan Nicholas, MD, MBA/Qnova Health, Inc.

Dr. Susan Nicholas is the Founder and CEO of Qnova Health, Inc. Dr. Nicholas is a former clinical fellow in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford Medical Center and a former resident and research fellow at University California San Francisco. She was the first named Scholar from Emory’s Goizueta Executive MBA program. Dr. Nicholas is an avid runner and aspiring gourmet cook. She resides in the Atlanta area with her spouse and young son.





Today’s show is brought to you by Minerva Planning Group.